this year, the traditional holiday season is distorted into a psychedelic star ... Lees de volledige beschrijving





het traditionele van de feestdagen krijgt dit jaar een psychedelische twist met een sterrenshow.

cadeaus geven die geen grenzen kennen?

de nieuwe cadeausetcollectie betovert de zintuigen en fascineert de mensen waar je van houdt.

droom weg onder de sterren met de betoverende nieuwe feestdagenset van alien goddess met:

- Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum 30 ml
- Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum 10 ml

een zonnig bloemenboeket
deze bloemige, oriëntaalse, houtachtige creatie laat een geurspoor achter met facetten van de meest glorieuze ingrediënten in het palet van de parfumeur die je zintuigen zullen betoveren.

“een stralende en weelderige omarming van de zon.”
marie salamagne en nathalie lorson, parfumeurs van alien goddess.

this floral ambery woody creation leaves behind a trail facetted by the most glorious ingredients in the perfumers palette that will mesmerize your senses. alien goddess eau de parfum is a solar floral bouquet sparkling with luminosity faceted around 3 revelations.

stralende onthulling:
the fragrance opens with the radiant revelation of a sparkling italian bergamot essence, recalling the first rays of sunlight. an intense burst of light that crosses the fragrance, similar to the positive energy of the solar goddess.

miraculeuze onthulling:
an intense solar flower propels alien goddess eau de parfum straight to the heights, giving all of its strength to its benevolent message. performing like a dazzling floral prism, it gives pride of place to a supreme flower: jasmine grandiflorum, a truly golden flower, symbol of femininity and sensuality. in the heart of alien goddess eau de parfum radiates a magnificent superinfusion of jasmine grandiflorum crafted for mugler. the superinfusion process gives the jasmine petals a modern facet, both fruity and petal-like, as well as a creamy texture. more radiating and modern than ever, spreading the ideals of the solar goddess.

weldadige onthulling:
the conclusion to alien goddess’s message of peace and hope, the mindful revelation unveils the addictive fullness of a bourbon vanilla. crafted for mugler, this premium infusion is both smooth and enveloping like a veil of comforting silk. this consciously sourced premium extract is obtained through an extraction technology allowing to seize the complete organoleptic profile at the heart of the raw material. unveiling a delicious vanilla note with balsamic tonalities, it will delight your senses with deep mysterious warm vibrations.

de alien goddess eau de parfum-flacon is ontworpen als een betoverend object waarmee alien goddess de wereld een glorieuze en unieke uitstraling biedt.

a new fascinating talisman bottle adorned in gold, both organic and dreamlike with stunning shaded metallic lacquering - evoking sunrise, on the outside. this bottle shines with all its intensity, inside and out. it encapsulates a luminous fragrance and radiates endlessly.

je kunt je steentje bijdragen aan de toekomst en jouw mystieke en kostbare alien goddess-flacon navullen in winkels bij de mugler-fontein of thuis met de alien goddess epd-navulling.

mugler fragrances are not applied in the same way as others. they deserve a unique, dedicated ritual designed to provide the best possible enjoyment of the scent's quintessence and voluptuousness: de “mugler-wolk”.

first, spray a generous amount of alien goddess in a circle in front of you to create a cloud of scent. step into this magnetic halo. let the charm operate.

alcohol ● parfum / parfum ● aqua / water / eau ● benzyl salicylate ● linalool ● benzyl alcohol ● hydroxycitronellal ● butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane ● hexyl cinnamal ● ethylhexyl salicylate ● coumarin ● limonene ● citronellol ● methyl anthranilate ● geraniol ● citral ● tris(tetramethylhydroxypiperidinol) citrate ● benzyl benzoate ● code fil: b275648/2 ● code formule: 2042172 05

the lists of ingredients used in the composition of our brand products are regularly updated. before using a product from our brand, you are encouraged to read the list of ingredients on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.



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